Polish War Cemetery in Loreto


onstructed in 1944, this cemetery stands on a hillside at the foot of the Loreto Basilica and was consecrated on 6 May 1946. The construction works were supervised by Roman Wajda.
The Loreto cemetery is the final resting place of 1081 soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps, who fell in action on the Adriatic Front, in the battles for Ancona and Loreto, on the River Metauro and on the Gothic Line.
The graves are located on three terraces and in the centre there is a stone pediment and mast with a Polish flag.

On the four sides are inscriptions bearing the names of the battles in which these Polish troops fought: Ancona, Loreto, Metauro, and the Gothic Line. On an altar in the centre of the cemetery, as in Casamassima, there is an image of the famous Vilnius Madonna of Ostra Brama, symbolising the strong ties of the soldiers buried here with the eastern territories of prewar Poland. In addition to the Catholic sector of the cemetery, Jews, Protestants, Orthodox Christians and even a Muslim have their graves here.

6 may 1946
consecration of cemetery
"Ancona, Loreto, Metauro, the Gothic Line"