Polish War Cemetery in Casamassima (Apulia)


he resting place of 429 Polish soldiers killed in action on the Gustav Line and the River Sangro, and of those who died in the military hospital in Casamassima and in other hospitals in Bari and Naples as a result of wounds sustained in various battles during the Italian Campaign. Construction work was coordinated by Fedele Camardella, a master bricklayer.
The cemetery was built in the form of a rectangle and was not divided into sectors. Thus, Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish graves lie side by side with Catholic graves, proof that religious differences were of no meaning to the soldiers of the 2nd Corps.

In the centre is an altar with its image of the Vilnius Madonna of Ostra Brama and the inscription "UNBROKEN BY FORCES OF LAW – THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES WITH HEROISM AND HONOUR". The main gate is very characteristic with its symbols of the 2nd Corps, the dates 1943 – 1946 (the period during which soldiers were laid to rest here) and an inscription in Latin with a quote from St. Paul's second epistle to Timothy: "I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT, I HAVE KEPT MY FAITH AND A CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AWAITS ME".

Consecration of cemetery
"I have fought a good fight, I have kept my faith and a crown of righteousness awaits me"